PDS Pest Control is a private organization & Pest Control Service Provider in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are committed to providing our customers with effective, cost-efficient professional pest control services for the protection of public health, food, and property. This site serves as a comprehensive resource for consumers, educators and pest control professionals. From common household pests to do-it-yourself pest control tips, Pest Defence Service provides timely information and tools to better serve our visitors' pest management needs.

 Do you hate seeing bed bugs, termites, spiders, rodents, bees or mosquitoes flying around your home? Especially in Cities like kathmandu, Pest can be really annoying and harmful. We know insects and rodents have their place, but they don’t belong in your home or business. Truly PDS Pest Control has a menu of services to protect you, your family and home from what bugs you. Please utilize our Pest Control Services as your main resource for information and control mechanism on bed bugs, termite, rodents,  and the growing professional pest management industry.

mission & vision

  • Protect Homes and Business from unwanted Pests
  • Give you the best Service.
  • We use Eco-Friendly Active Ingredients to control Pests